Blood Mountain

One of the things that I love to do besides photography is the outdoors. Last weekend, I have the time to climb my first mountain ever with the lovely boyfriend. Just FYI, my goal is to climb the Mt Everest. I will work toward that goal from now.

The mountain that we climbed was Blood Mountain. It is the highest peak in the Appalachian Trail (Georgia's Section). The view was spectacular. It was sort of a sense of accomplishment when I reached at the summit. It was so beautiful overlooking the plains further. I thank Him for his beautiful creation.

Here are my favorite shots from the trip, enjoy!

Andrea Sagun Pt. 2 Portfolio

I had so much fun doing a photoshoot with the lovely, Andrea Sagun. Here are my favorites from the photoshoot.

Stay tuned for next week since I will be announcing a MINI PHOTO SESSION for the summer! Andrea will style in the shoot!


Teaser: Andrea Sagun// Style Portfolio 2

Here is a teaser of Andrea Sagun's style portfolio 2. Follow her blog at a-noelle

Summer Heat at Little Five

Recently, this weekend,my good friend, Andrea Sagun, and I did a photoshoot at Little Five Points. Andrea is actually trying to build her styling portfolio, so I gave her my hand to help in this nifty little project.It was really HOT! We did it during the heat wave dome's weekend.

Here are some pictures! Enjoy and Cheers!

p.s- Check out her blog!

Stone Mountain Fun!

I went to Stone Mountain to see the new improved laser show, and I must say that the show was so much better than before! I was actually impressed. Some of the stuff are in 3D, and many of the "old" scenes are improved. I've seen the laser show at least 10 times in my life, and I remember every single songs and pictures that they were showing. Being myself, the whole time I called out which of the scenes are new. HA!

Anyway, here are some favorite pictures I took that day. My camera flash decided to die, and hence the lack of the night shots. Lessons learned!


The Windy City and Cincinnati '11

Have anyone been to Chicago during the summer? Well, let me tell you, it is super nice! It is the lake effect that caused the nice weather. I fell in love with Chicago when I went. It was then my first time there, and I think I get to like it even better than NYC. Of course, I would LOVE to live in NYC, but I will be as happy if I live in Chicago as well..

Here are more pictures of Chicago and Cincinnati that I would like to share... Let me know what you think about the city. Do you love it or hate it?